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I could not have been in better hands for my employment law matter than with Crotty & Son, PLLC. As a practicing employment law attorney myself, I would like to think my standards are high. Matt’s performance on all levels exceeded my expectations through the course of multiple years of litigation in both state and federal court. He does excellent work, is very responsive, and is conscientious in his billing. I truly cannot say enough good things about working with Matt and highly recommend him.

I’d recommend Matt Crotty for any USERRA matter. A large US company decided not to hire me when I told them I was getting deployed with the Military Reserves. Mr. Crotty agreed to take my case, brought suit against the company, and aggressively dug into what happened. In the end, we were able to resolve the case to my satisfaction.

Mr. Crotty accepted my two employment cases after a number of other attorneys’ rejections. He immediately worked on my cases diligently. In 2016, Mr. Crotty won the jury’s unanimous favor in my first case after a trial in the federal court. In 2017, Mr. Crotty won the Washington State Supreme Court’s unanimous support for the jury’s decision. The victory was historical: nine of the nine Justices! In 2018, Mr. Crotty brought good results to conclude my two cases. Mr. Crotty has impressed me not only by his outstanding professional skills to win victories, but also by his extraordinary patience and understanding for me, his client. Mr. Crotty is a true hero who defended the U.S. as an army ranger and intelligence officer in the past and defends American justice in court now. I give him the highest respect and recommendation.

I was injured at work, and was fired by my employer. Matt Crotty took my case for wrongful termination and won my case. Matt is very dedicated and effective attorney. He was very responsive to all my questions and keeps you well informed.

I left work at a nation-wide package delivery company to serve in the U.S. Army. After getting honorably discharged my employer wouldn’t give me my job back. Matt Crotty took my case and helped me get my job back.

I was fired by my federal employer shortly after telling them I had a disability. A government investigator determined that my claim had no merit, so I contacted Mr. Crotty who assembled a legal team to review my case. They determined that I had a valid disability discrimination case, and pursued it to a successful conclusion. At all times, Mr. Crotty kept me informed and answered all my questions. He and his team were respectful, supportive, straight-forward, and helpful in preparing me for the various stages of the process. I feel extremely lucky to have found Mr. Crotty and his team.

Matt Crotty is an excellent attorney with high integrity. Our son with disabilities suffered a severe injury at a hotel where the entrance was not ADA or state code compliant. We spent nine months on our own trying to negotiate with the hotel’s insurance company to be reasonable and pay a portion of the medical bills. They continually denied our request – so we finally turned to Matt for help. Thanks to Matt’s hard work we were offered a fair settlement that paid for our son’s medical bills as well as his pain and suffering. The hotel also made proper modifications to their facility so it is now more accessible for those with disabilities. Matt was kind, down to earth, honest, and knowledgeable throughout the process. We liked Matt’s Spokane roots, local Gonzaga University education, and his strong military background.

Matt represented me on a shareholder derivative lawsuit against my investment company’s manager. Matt’s work resulted in the court finding that the investment manager breached his fiduciary duties and a resulting settlement of the case. I would recommend Matt on such cases in the future.

Mr. Crotty was beyond excellent with his handling and execution of my case and the two federal jury trials that it involved. He had a very difficult and challenging case that set precedent for all veterans across the US and was opposed by a council who’s tactics were less then above bar. His demeanor was fantastic throughout the case but the most impressive quality he has is his outstanding and dedicated work ethic. Mr. Crotty did not spare any time, cut corners or lower his standards for an easier and quicker solution that would have sacrificed an aspect of the case. Additionally his courtroom presence and speech and integrity is second to none. I was proud to have him represent me.

My former employer fired me shortly after I told management I had cancer. I got referred to Matt Crotty. Matt did a great job working up my case. Ultimately Matt determined that my company probably violated state age and disability discrimination laws, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the COBRA statute. Matt’s investigation also revealed that the company’s deduction of of business loss from my wages likely violated Washington wage law. Matt was able to work with the company in getting the matter resolved. I would recommend Matt to anyone with a discrimination or wage related claim.

Matt has helped me periodically over the past few years. Always stellar work, and insightful analysis. Last month I saw him deliver his closing arguments in Federal Court for an employment discrimination jury trial. While usually I’m pretty skeptical of ‘discrimination claims’, I was totally entranced with Matt’s closing. With a very detailed, powerful presentation, Matt led the jury (and I found… myself reacting as well) to the only possible conclusion. It was as if he dropped bread crumbs for all of us to follow. Matt’s representation of his client was not only professional, but he obviously cared deeply for his client. He was truly fighting like his own life was on the line. Persuasive, articulate, passionate, and clear.  I know who I want in my corner representing me. Matt Crotty. Without a doubt.

Matt worked tirelessly on my behalf to settle a USERRA case against a Fortune 500 company. Throughout the process I knew he was dedicating his time to the case and I was never left “in the dark”. Matt guided me through the complex process and never made promises he could not keep. He is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I have met and/or worked with in my long career. It is refreshing to have an attorney work this hard toward a fair and acceptable settlement. Even though I was not, I always felt that I was Matt’s only client. That is a sign of quality communication skills and adept knowledge of the law. I recommend Matt without reservation.

I had a North Idaho wrongful termination case against a Fortune 500 company. It involved state and federal claims such as: ADEA (Age Discrimination), ADA (Disability), FLSA Collective Action (Wages, Overtime and Retaliation), Breach of Contract and more…  I searched everywhere for an attorney and all I could find were money-mongers, or those who lacked the skill or desire to take on this company. I finally found Matt. My wife and I were given a contingency fee agreement that was easy to understand. Within three months Matt put together a team of attorneys who deposed the Defendants, filed a collective action (similar to class action), and filed for Partial Summary Judgment.  Most attorneys seem distant and disinterested in the client’s need for communication. Not so with Matt; he provided daily updates to ask my advice. How rare. Matt was up-to-date on the law and thorough in his preparation for trial. His motions were well-briefed and case law on point. His taking of depositions and witness gathering were strategic and gave us the tools to resolve our issues within 6 months. As a military man Matt is disciplined, fearless, and a defender of the law. He loves to right wrongs and defend the little guy who’s been taken advantage of during this economic downturn.  I’m a fan of this man who, months ago, was a stranger. So, if you are looking for legal help, you need look no farther.

Matthew went way beyond what was expected. He gave up precious family time to make sure that I was informed and taken care of. I was never out of the loop, and he made sure that I understood his perspective and that it was also the perspective that I had. Because of his military background, he is uniquely qualified to not only represent the soldier and combat veteran, but to understand the unique stressors that combat vets face as they return home. Not only would I use Matt again, but I would go to war with him, that’s how much I trust him.

The things I have to say about Mr. Crotty are sincere and very heart felt. If you every have a case that falls in this category I can assure you that Mr. Crotty is the best attorney you can find, and I will explain why.  Mr. Crotty worked with me for over 4 years on this case. We worked with each other while I was overseas in a battlefield environment, when I was in the Midwest for training, I could call him 24/7 if I had questions or concerns. I was sometimes a client that was hard to work with, but Mr. Crotty never gave up on me or my case. In my case I went thru three different hearings that I lost, but yet Mr. Crotty never gave up on me or my case. I would also like to just personalize this and say that during this time I had never been so low in my life and was very lost. On the outside it looked good, I was a military officer, I taught in schools, was a police officer, a coach, a volunteer in the community, but this one incident made me feel I was the bottom trash of the earth. Mr. Crotty always had kind words for me, even when he did not have too. He was very patient and understanding. He did not judge me when other longtime friends and co-workers did. He made a commitment to me and stayed with that commitment with me even though I failed on some of mine. Yet he understood my reasons, and continued to help me beyond my court case. After two battlefield conflicts in Iraq that I served, I have learned that after time being gone for long periods of time, people who you think are your friends leave you. But this attorney who I did not know very well, did not leave me while I was deployed, he became closer, not necessarily because of my case, but because he is a great human being.  Not only did I meet an attorney, this guy saved my life. I was made to feel that I was a bad person, he ensured I was not. It was always good to get that reassuring voice from someone other than your regular family and friends, because I just thought they were giving me lip service. Mr. Crotty confirmed what lip service and was the best attorney I could have ever thought about having. He would not allow me to quit and fail and I owe him more than money can ever pay. Truly, Rangers Lead The Way!


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