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David Shepler v. Terry’s Truck Center

Dave Shepler worked as a mechanic for Terrys Truck Center for over ten years. He badly injured his knee and work and made and L&I claim. And while he (and others) had made workers compensation claims before, this claim was by far the biggest on record. Throughout his time at TTC he and others heard management making disparaging comments about people who made L&I claims. Mr. Shepler was off work for nearly one year. After getting cleared to return to work TTC fired him. Mr. Shepler sued for disability discrimination, failure to accommodate, and workers compensation retaliation claims. A copy of his complaint is available here.


The case proceeded to arbitration where the arbitrator found in Mr. Shepler’s favor and awarded lost wage and moving expense damages. TTC has appealed that ruling.

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David Shepler v. Terry's Truck Center

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