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Shannon McMinimee v. Yakima School District

Shannon McMinimee, an attorney, served as Yakima School District’s Associate Superintendent of Human Resources from March 2017 to June 2018. Ms. McMinimee claims, among other things, that the Yakima School District violated the federal Equal Pay Act by paying her less than her similarly-situated male peer and that it also violated various state and federal laws by terminating her employment in retaliation for her opposing illegal workplace discrimination. A copy of Ms. McMinimee’s Second Amended Complaint is available here.

Ms. McMinimee  also filed a separate lawsuit against the Tacoma School District for its failure to abide by a severance agreement that it entered into with Ms. McMinimee. A copy of the Ms. McMinimee’s lawsuit against Tacoma School District is available here. Ms. McMinimee’s lawsuit received news coverage in the Tacoma News Tribune.

Ms. McMinimee’s lawsuit against Tacoma School District subsequently resolved.

Ms. McMinimee’s state law discrimination and public record request claims have been moved to the Yakima County Superior Court.

Yakima School District agreed to resolve Ms. McMinimee’s lawsuit for $150,000.00

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