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Munoz v. InGenesis, et al

The case involves plaintiff Vanessa Munoz claiming that joint employers, InGenesis, Inc., STGi International, Inc., and, InGenesis STGI Partners, LLC violated USERRA when they fired Ms. Munoz the day she returned to work from her U.S. Navy Reserve duty because of “attendance issues” associated with her military reserve obligations and failed to properly re-employ her, as required under USERRA 38 USC 4312, by not making any efforts to return her to work following her military duty. The firm is co-counsel in the case with the Cohen Milstein law firm. A copy of the complaint is available here.  The defendants moved to dismiss the case on summary judgment; however, the trial court denied the defendants’ motion as to Ms. Munoz’s USERRA discrimination and failure to re-employ claims; and, in doing so, noted that “[t]he record does not reflect that Defendants made any efforts to make Plaintiff qualified for the position, such as additional training regarding the proper way to track and communicate Plaintiff’s military leave.” A copy of the Court order is available here.

Shortly before trial the defendants agreed to pay Ms. Munoz’s damages, in full.  The Defendants subsequently agreed to pay Ms. Munoz’s attorneys’ fees, the amount of which is confidential.

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